Ice Cream

  • Shakes & Malts

    Chocolate Cherry Marshmallow Strawberry Butterscotch Blueberry Pineapple Caramel Raspberry

    Pick your Flavor from above and we will blend it into a shake or malt for you.
    Specialty Shake from ice cream in the case, banana, or peanut butter extra

  • Ice Cream

    Regular Cone/Bowl (1 or 2 Scoops)
    Waffle Cone (1 or 2 Scoops)

  • Sundaes

    Pick your Ice Cream & your toppings. We will put whipped cream, nuts & a cherry on top.

  • Specialty Sundaes

    Black & White

    1 Scoop of chocolate Ice Cream w/ marshmallow topping 1 Scoop— & 1 Scoop of vanilla Ice Cream w/ chocolate topping. 2 Scoops also available. Whipped cream, nuts & a cherry if you like.

    Hot Fudge Sundae

    1 Scoop 2 Scoops

    Banana Split

    A scoop of vanilla w/ pineapple topping, a scoop of chocolate w/ chocolate topping & a scoop of strawberry w/ strawberry topping in 2 banana halves w/ whipped cream, nuts & a cherry.

    TWISTERS Famous Sundae

    Stacked in a tall glass. Chocolate syrup followed by 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream w/ raspberry topping & nuts, another scoop of vanilla ice cream w/ hot fudge. Whipped cream, nuts & a cherry.
  • Specialty Drinks

    Ice Cream Sodas

    Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry or Cherry

    Brooklyn Egg Cream

    Milk, Soda Water, & Chocolate Syrup

    Floats & Freezes

    Route Beer, Orange, Black Cow (Coke w/ chocolate ice cream), or pick your own.

    Other Drinks

    Cherry Phosphate, Flavored Cokes/Sprite (Chocolate, Cherry, or Vanilla) (free refills), Homemade Cream Soda - (free refills), Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Fanta Orange, Iced Tea (free refills), Milk, Cranberry Juice, Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate